Going Back In Time

On Tuesday 21 February 2V students experienced their first excursion of 2017. They partook in a trip back in time to link to our local historical inquiry unit that Stage 1 are learning about in Term 1.

We are so fortunate to have such an amazing historical society in our local Hornsby area. Located in Kenley Park- Normanhurst the museum is such a unique treasure. It is run by wonderful volunteers who are passionate about preserving our local history for future generations. Housing a vast collection of artefacts from the 1930s, students were transformed back in time nearly 100 years ago.

It was a hands-on experience with students visiting the old kitchen, laundry, corner store and the historic school room. They also experienced games of yesteryear, playing hopscotch with a tor, quoits and Bocce bowls. Washing was such a chore in years gone past and students got to experience how their great-grandmothers would have washed, by using a wash board.to scrub their socks. What a time consuming job that would have been!

It truly was a worthwhile experience for the students. Some of the highlights included watching how bread crumbs would have been made, seeing the old-style oven and cool box, feeling how heavy the hot irons were, seeing a commode (toilet chair),  using scales to weigh in ounces and pounds at the corner store, holding real pennies, being a student inside an old school classroom and seeing a real teacher’s cane.

The museum is open to the general public on selected days. Why not check it out for yourself if you’ve never been. Click on the link for further information.

Hornsby Historical Society

2V students have decided that with new inventions and technology our household chores have certainly been made MUCH simpler.

Thanks so much to the amazing volunteers and fabulous parent helper who assisted 2V on the excursion.


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