Harmony Day – Everyone Belongs

Today our whole school united together to celebrate Harmony Day. This year it was a grand affair, with invitations extended to the whole school community and the celebratory nature was infectious. 

Students came to school  dressed in either their national dress or orange the official colour of Harmony Day. The morning commenced with a colourful parade around the sports field. Students were invited to walk with others who had the same cultural background. What a vast array of countries were represented and the detail in the costumes was just glorious! It was then time to move to the hall where the whole school delighted the audience with singing and global musical performances. It was just magic to the ears. To top it all off 2V students and their families were invited back to the classroom for a delicious feast of multicultural food! 

There was no better way to end Harmony Day than with a catch up with our super 4G buddies . What fun we all had together!

Thank you so much to the wonderful 2V parents for all of their assistance today and also for sending in such scrumptious food from all over the globe. Also a heartfelt thanks to Mrs Piper for all of her vision and organisation of today’s events. What a star!

Everyone Belongs. 🙂



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