Think, Puzzle, Explore!

As part of our School in the Trees historical inquiry 2V were introduced to another thinking routine Think, Puzzle, Explore  This enabled students to connect to prior knowledge, to stimulate curiosity and to lay the groundwork for their independent inquiry into the history of our school.

Students were asked to THINK about what they already knew about the Bush School.

Here are some of their responses…

When my brother was in kindy the adventure playground was where the library was. – Phoebe

I think Wahroonga public school used to be a big bush.- Henry

The adventure playground is the newest equipment at Wahroonga Public.- Jackson

I think the hall is probably the oldest building in the school. – Alexis

When I was in kindy the bush patch was not there.- Matilda

There has been more than one principal here and the classrooms are very old now. – Alfred

I think Wahroonga public school is very old because it was made in the past in 1944.- Josh

Students were then asked what PUZZLES them about the Bush School and the questions they still had.

Here are some of their questions…

Was there always a canteen?- Emma

How many years old is our classroom?- Kayne

Why did they think the forest was a good place to start Wahroonga public school?- Darshan

How many people were in this school when it was first made?- Wyatt

I wonder which building is the oldest?- Savannah

I wonder which was the hardest building to build?- Clare

I wonder why they have fake grass on the sports field?- Tomi

The question was then posed about the ways in which they could EXPLORE the history of our school in an attempt to find the answers to their puzzle questions and to clear any misconceptions that the students may have.

2V students came up with many ideas. They thought they could search the Internet, research some of the history books written about the school, ask some past students or teachers or become detectives and search for clues around the school.

The next few photos show 2V busy during their exploration phase. Have a look at what the 2V detectives have discovered! Who knew there were so many pieces of historical evidence in our school? We will continue to explore for the remainder of the term to inquire about our rich Bush School history.






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