A busy Term 2!

Term 2 was such a busy term of learning in 2V with so many amazing highlights.

The next few posts will recap some of the sensational learning activities that took place.

One very exciting adventure was our Year 2 excursion to the Museum of Contemporary Art in the city. Students excitedly boarded the bus bound for Circular Quay and a day of arty adventures.


At the museum, students worked in small groups under the guidance of museum educators to learn about some of the artworks on display. They took inspiration from what they had viewed and used similar techniques to create their own artworks.


The next part of the day consisted of a LIGHTS, CAMERA, EXPERIMENT! workshop where students worked in small teams using mixed media to create their own collage. Each group worked in such a collaborative manner to design a creative and unique piece of artwork. The groups then used iPads and a Stop Motion App to tell a digital story using the elements of their collage.

This was such a fun learning activity that we will look to further explore in Term 3.

For now, please enjoy some of our digital art creations made during the excursion.


During the remainder of the day we ventured outside the museum to eat lunch in the glorious sunshine and take in the sights and sounds of Circular Quay. We discovered just how busy the city was- made even busier by the fact that they were setting up for Vivid.

After lunch students spent time using their senses to take in the hustle and bustle of their surroundings. They also sketched one of Sydney’s famous icons. What a bunch of talented artists there are in Year 2!


2V are to be commended on their respectful and responsible behaviour during the excursion. Many thanks to Mrs Ceran who accompanied us as a parent helper on the day. It certainly was an exciting and valuable learning experience.



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