Features of Places

Today 2V ventured to a place not too far from our school- to Bobbin Head in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

This excursion linked to our learning this term in our geographical inquiry unit on the features of places- specifically our local area; and was run by the wonderful staff at Gibberagong EEC.

The first part of the excursion saw the class go on a safari along the Gibberagong Track and through a number of different forest environments to discover the natural features of each, learning how we can care for our environment.

Excitedly, we crossed the suspension bridge over the Cowan Creek and our first stop was the mangrove where we learnt how important mangroves are to our environment. 2V discovered some of the flora and fauna that live in mangroves and even got to taste the salt from mangrove plants. Our journey continued along the boardwalk where we found ourselves heading into the dry schlerophyll forest. We climbed up along the steep path and here we learnt about specific flora of the forest such as eucalypts and banksias and how they were traditionally used by the Aboriginal people. Students were also able to see an Aboriginal engraving site and then feasted on their morning tea high atop a rock platform. We walked along the track a little further heading down where the environment became noticeably cooler and the vegetation lush and green. Students climbed down and sat alongside a gorgeous flowing stream where we sat quietly concentrating on the natural and human-made sounds around us.

Sadly, it was time to leave our tranquil surroundings and trek back to the Bobbin Head Picnic Ground. Along the way we stopped to observe the unique natural features of the environment, collecting weird and wonderful rocks, sticks, gumnuts, berries and leaves which we used to play a memory game. We carefully placed everything back where we found it ensuring that we were respectfully caring for our natural environment. At the base of the  2V students split into a group to utilise natural objects to create a nature map, demonstrating and communicating their understanding of the natural and human features of Bobbin Head.

Once back at the picnic area, our tummies were once again grumbling, so it was time for lunch. Next students investigated the built features of Bobbin Head. 2V participated in a series of geographical games and activities which helped to facilitate their understanding of the built features of the area. Using aerial photographs students participated in a map reading treasure hunt game. They then participated in fieldwork, collecting geographical data by tallying the built features and observing how people use the Bobbin Head area.

2V had such an amazing day, full of exciting learning. A huge thanks to our knowledgeable teacher Pam for her expert guidance. A big thanks to our fabulous parent helpers and prac student for all of their assistance on the day too.

Ku-ring-gai National Park is such a magical place to visit. Why not take a trip there one day and discover it for yourself?




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